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| Last Updated:: 21/12/2020

Host Institution - EMPRI


The Environmental Management Policy &Research Institute (EMPRI) is an autonomous institute established by Government of Karnataka on 17th September 2002 under the Department of Forest, Ecology and Environment. The Institute undertakes applied and policy research and also endeavors to provide capacity building trainings on concurrent environmental issues relevant to the society. Services provided by the institute seek to encourage and enable government, industry and civil society to safeguard and manage the natural resources effectively. It is registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960.

EMPRI functions under direction of a Governing Body chaired by the Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Forest, Ecology & Environment, and Government of Karnataka. The Governing Body consists of representatives of various government departments Government authorities including Department of Forest, Ecology & Environment, Department of Urban Development, Department of Industries & Commerce, Department of Health & Family Welfare, Department of Finance, Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB). The Director General (DG), EMPRI is the Member Secretary of the Governing Body. The DG being the Chief Executive of the Institute is responsible for day-to-day administration of the organization, supported by the officers deputed from the Government of Karnataka and personnel contracted for specific purposes.


  • The EMPRI’s vision is to become a knowledge centre inspiring and enabling society to create an environment of harmony between man and nature.


  • To carry out research on current policy and environmental issues;.
  • To provide world class training and advisory services on environmental management.
  • To enable and encourage the civil society, the government and the industries to safeguard and manage natural resources effectively.


  • To provide Capacity Building & Technical support to Government, Non-Government & other Institutions in addressing policy and environmental issues.
  • To provide Consultancy Services to Industries, Government Departments and other organizations in the field of Environmental Management.
  • To take up studies and to develop policy documents on various environmental aspects.


  • To contribute towards the protection and management of Environment & Ecology through Scientific, Technical, Policy research & other activities.
  • To assist the Government Departments, NGOs and Public at large in performing the mandatory functions specified in the various environment laws, guidelines and judicial pronouncements from time to time and to assist the concerned agencies in setting up norms.
  • To undertake/develop studies and research in the field of environment protection and conservation for improving the overall quality of environment.
  • To develop expertise in the field of environmental research and to develop into world-class consultants and to act as a referral institute.
  • To interact and/or to seek affiliation with national and international agencies working with similar objectives.
  • To undertake training and human resources development in the field of environment and by organizing seminars/workshops and other programs for stakeholders.
  • To print, publish, exhibit books, pamphlets and periodicals, educative and informative materials that may be considered desirable for promotion of the objectives of the institute.
  • To run an ENVIS (Environmental Information System) Centre and to develop, maintain and run a reference library and data centre with books, periodicals, films, video and other audio-visual materials. 

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