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| Last Updated:: 31/01/2022

Bhuvan Karnataka


ISRO’s Geo-portal, Bhuvan is providing visualisation services and Earth observation data to users in public domain. Besides, the portal also services several users for their remote sensing application needs. Bhuvan made a modest beginning in 2009 with simple display of satellite data and basic GIS functionality with many thematic maps on display functionality with many thematic maps on display functions. It has grown horizontally in diverse areas of applications and vertically in terms of number of image and map services including high-resolution satellite data. Presently, more than 6000 map services offered by Bhuvan are being used under various applications. With administrative and hydrologic base for the country, Bhuvan provides strong foundation with 1m resolution satellite data for more than 350 cities which is being updated for large areas of the country. The Transport Network from National highways to city roads is also populated with more than 8.5 million Points of Interest locations. Bhuvan has been able to accomplish a huge user-base with millions of geo-spatial hits on daily basis. It is today reckoned as the unique GIS platform of the country that is freely accessible on the Internet and used by wide varieties of user community including school children.



A portal providing map based learning to bring awareness among the students about country's natural resources, environment and their role in sustainable development. It is an initiative of Bhuvan - NRSC/ISRO based on NCERT syllabus.