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| Last Updated:: 13/01/2014

Administrative issues

 Ministry of Mines of the Republic of India: Achievements of the Ministry of Mines During 2013

Year and Review - 2013 Mines
Geological Survey of India (GSI): GSI added another feather in its cap by acquiring "Research Vessel Samudra Ratnakar"- an all weather ocean going ship designed to meet the fast-growing challenges of the modern geo-scientific oceanographic research. This research vessel, a state-of-the-art acquisition of GSI, was dedicated to the nation at Kandla Port, Gujarat on 12thOctober, 2013 by Shri Dinsha Patel, Minister of Mines. This vessel, equipped with 27 major high-end instruments needed for geological, geophysical and geochemical explorations in the offshore areas with modern on-board laboratories is designed to carry out sea-bed mapping, mineral exploration and research activities in the deep waters.
The 3rdmeeting of the Geoscience Advisory Council, the highest policy-planning forum to advise the Ministry of Mines and the Geological Survey of India in the matters of Earth Sciences was held under the Chairmanship of Shri Dinsha Patel, Minister of Mines at Vigyan Bhawan Annexe, New Delhi on 27 February 2013. Referring to the importance of mineral wealth vis-à-vis natural resources, the Minister requested the scientific community to suggest new areas and techniques for locating new and big mineral deposits. He also wished the experts to guide in locating new aquifers of clean water, free of toxic salts, for fulfilling the ever rising need of water for drinking and irrigation purposes for the prosperity of common citizens.
During FS 2013-14 GSI has significantly augmented resource base of gold, basemetal, iron ore, manganese, phosphorite, limestone, gypsum, molybdenum and bauxite in the states of Rajasthan, Karnataka, Odisha, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Meghalaya and Haryana.
As a follow-up to the decision taken by Technical Advisory Committee for Landslide Mitigation and Management, GSI - the Nodal Agency for Landslide Studies in India has conducted two Regional Workshops on Landslide Disaster management in June and November 2013 at Shimla and Shillong, respectively.
Assessing and Exploiting the Mineral Wealth in the Northeastern Region
In the strive for augmenting mineral resources of North Eastern Region, the 8th Meeting to review the Progress of Ongoing Mineral Development Projects (OMDP) in the North-Eastern Region was held on 21stNovember 2013 at Shillong, Meghalaya under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Mines), which was attended by representatives from Ministry of Mines, North-Eastern Council (NEC), Geological Survey of India (GSI), Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM), Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited (MECL) and Directorate of Geology and Mining of the North-Eastern States. Some important decisions taken in the meeting include, providing portable XRF units to State DGMs by GSI, notifying GSI's training programmes well in advance so that the state representatives can attend the courses without hindrance to their own programmes, etc.
Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM)
Mineral Production/ Trade
The total value of mineral production (excluding atomic minerals) during 2013-14 has been estimated at Rs. 227176 crores. During 2013-14, estimated value for fuel minerals account for Rs. 155646 crores or 68.51% of mineral production. The value of production of metallic minerals stood at Rs. 37213 crores or 16.39% of the total value of production and non-metallic minerals including minor minerals contributed to Rs. 34317 crores or 15.10% of the total value. The provisional value of minerals and ores exported during the year 2012-13 (provisional) was ` Rs. 159747 crores whereas the value of import was Rs. 1124137 crores.
Achievements of IBM in 2013-14 (up to November, 2013)
For promotion of conservation and scientific development of mineral resources and ensuring protection of mines environment in mining areas, IBM carried out 1, 508 inspections of mines for enforcement of provisions of MCDR 1988 and examination of MP/ MS, approved 111 Mining Plans and 449 Schemes of Mining. For upgradation and utilization of low grade and sub grade ores and minerals, IBM carried out 36 ore dressing investigations, 25, 723 chemical analyses, 1, 613 mineralogical studies. As a part of consultancy services on charge and promotional basis to mining industry on mining, geological and environmental aspects, IBM completed 3 Mining Research Assignments & 4 Technical Consultancy Assignments are in progress and conducted 12 training courses for IBM and Industry personnel.
Hindustan Copper Limited (HCL)
Hindustan Copper Limited (HCL) has earned Profit After Tax (PAT) of Rs. 355.64 crore for the financial year 2012-13 which is highest ever since inception. The company has paid Rs. 83.27 crore as dividend to the Government of India for the year 2012-13. Ore production in 2012-13 at 3.66 million tonnes is highest in last 13 years.
The CCEA in its meeting held on 14.09.2012 has inter alia approved the disinvestment of 9.59% paid up equity (8,87,28,406 shares) of HCL out of Government of India holdings of 99.59%. The issue of HCL was opened on 23.11.2012 and 5,16,04,148 equity shares of the company (approximately 5.58% of the paid up equity capital) were sold through Stack Exchange mechanism. Subsequently, in the second tranche, the issue of sale of shares of HCL opened on 03.07.2013 and 3,71,19,152 equity shares of the company were sold through the Stock Exchange Mechanism, aggregating approximately 4.01% of the paid up equity share capital of the company and an amount of ` 259.55 crore approximately has been transferred to the account of Government of India Exchequer. At present the Government of India is holding 90% of the total paid up equity capital in HCL.
The Company has rolled out mine expansion plan to increase production to 12.4 million tonnes by financial year 2017-18. The plan envisages of Malanjkhand, Khetri, Kolihan and Surda Mines; re-opening of Rakha and Kendadih Mines; & development of new mines namely Banwas and Chapri-Sidheswar.
Mineral Exploration Corporation Ltd (MECL)
MECL is a premier Public Sector Enterprise responsible for exploration of all major minerals like coal, lignite, iron-ore, copper, zinc, limestone etc., developmental mining in various remote parts of the country. Generally, exploration/developmental mining projects of MECL are located in remote areas.
Highlights of Achievements during 2013 (Upto November, 2013)
MECL has submitted 30 numbers of Geological reports and added 2522.15 million tonnes of mineral reserves in National Mineral Inventory.
MECL has paid Rs. 4.13 Crore as dividend to the Govt. of India for the year 2012-13. This is happening after a gap of 33 years.
MECL has been conferred with 'MINI RATNA (Category-II)' status on 25th October, 2013.