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| Last Updated:: 23/09/2014

First Scouts and Guides training centre

First Scouts and Guides training centre to come up in Bijapur

The Hindu by Firoz Rozindar, Bijapur, 23rd September 2014

The Scouts and Guides cadets planting saplings at their new training centre being built in Burnapur village of Bijapur taluk.


The Bijapur district is on its way to have its first district Scouts and Guides training centre coming up in Burnapur village of Bijapur taluk. The centre which is spread in over 15 acre land, has all the potential to become the third state training centre after Deddaballapur and Kondajji of Davangere district.


The building which is being built presently at the cost of Rs. 30 lakh, however, has plans to develop as a full-fledge state training centre, said Siddanna Sakri, Commissioner, Bharat Scouts and Guides, Bijapur district. Speaking to The Hindu, he said that the Scouts and Guide training is essential among students for developing a sense of patriotism.


“The training also helps them to become courageous volunteers to serve during natural or man-made calamities to rescue victims”, Mr. Sakri said. With regard to the building he said, after continuous efforts, a major portion of centre is being built. However, other facilities such as dormitories and toilets for girls and boys are yet to be constructed.


“In order to expand the district centre to state centre, we have submitted a proposal of Rs. 2.37 crore to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education for granting funds. The government, after making preliminary inquiry has found that the demand is genuine. We hope that the government would release the funds soon”, he said.


Mentioning the benefits of the joining Scouts and Guides, he said that the Railway department has 5 per cent reservation for the scouts who have won State or national level certificates. The State government too offers 5 per cent reservation in technical courses. Mr. Sakri informed that the State has around 50,000 scouts while Bijapur has 2500. Some sixty students of the district have won state award while 22 have won national award.


“Unfortunately, only some 20 per cent of the schools in the district have this service. We are ready to offer help if the schools come forward to have facility for students in their schools”, he said.