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| Last Updated:: 29/09/2014

SchoolsNeed More Lessons in Quality Education

Schools Need More Lessons in Quality Education

Indian Express by ENS-Bangalore, 28th September 2014

Bangalore: If the quality assessment conducted through the Karnataka Schools Quality Assessment and Accreditation Council (KSQAAC) is anything to go by, several schools in the state have a long way to go in creating a conducive learning environment.

The assessment, initiated by the Department of Primary and Secondary Education, was for 100 marks. Each school was graded on availability of basic facilities (20 marks), learning environment (60), leadership (10), community participation (5) and use of new and innovative methods (5). The assessment was done in five phases, subject-wise.


According to the Council’s report published on Saturday, none of the 1,784 government, aided and private schools assessed scored an A+ on the parameters. Most of them managed only a C grade. The same was the case last year. Of the 1,784 schools assessed, 725 are private aided schools and 38 are unaided schools.

Commissioner for Public Instruction Mohammed Mohsin said, “We have the report and plan to rectify loopholes based on it. It is not good to target only government schools as even some private and aided schools don’t meet the requirements. We will hold a meeting with officials and plan remedies”.

B’lore’s Poor Score Card: None of the schools assessed in Bangalore North, South and Rural managed an A grade. Only two schools in Bangalore South and Bangalore Rural scored a B+! Schools in Chikkodi district fared the best -- 19 scored an A grade and 15 schools a B+ grade. Bidar district had the highest number of schools (30) with a D grade, followed by Bangalore North (21), Bellary (19), Chitradurga (18) and Mysore (18).