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| Last Updated:: 20/11/2014

Bengaluru's green ambassadors

College students gear up to become Bengaluru's green ambassadors

Citizen Matters by News Desk, Bangaluru, 20th November 2014

B.PAC has launched the Green Ambassador Program, a 6 month internship program for college students, to create interest and awareness on urban environmental issues.

The Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC) in association with Full Circle and One Bengaluru for Lakes, on November 15th kickstarted the Green Ambassador program for college students, with the emphasis to create interest and awareness on urban environmental issues.


The 6 months internship program will train participants on issues related to waste, water and energy management. The students will undergo 6 hours of classroom training, after which they will commence the field activity which will be completed in the following 5 months. B.PAC will mentor these participants during the field project phase. As a part of the training, participating students will be taken on field-exposure visits.


Through this program B.PAC aims to:

  1. Sensitise young individuals to persisting environmental civic issues
  2. Provide a platform for creative ideas to engage in complex urban environmental issues
  3. To train young students to become civic leaders
  4. To make Bangalore a clean & green city

Speaking during the inaugural session at BNM Pre University College, Ravi Kumar S, Program Director said ‘A tailor-made curriculum has been designed for the program with a focus on interactive sessions to instil civic consciousness and leadership quality’.


After successful completion of the internship program, the participants will submit a final project report to collect the participation certificate. The inaugural session saw more than 50 students from BMN Pre University College, Banashankari 2nd stage enrolling for the program.


The inaugural program was attended by Ms. Roopa K S, Principal along with the staff of BNM PU College. ‘We have received overwhelming response from colleges across the city. To start with 6 educational institutions have signed up for the Green Ambassador Program so far.’ said Revathy Ashok, CEO, B.PAC


Interested Institutions may call 9900969798, 9448571861 or write to enrol for the program.


About B.PAC:

Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC) is a citizen's group that aims to improve governance in Bangalore and to enhance the quality of life of every citizen.

B.PAC is specifically targeting good governance practices, integrity and transparency in all arms of the government, improving the quality of infrastructure in the city, identifying and supporting strong candidates for public office at all levels of governance in Bangalore city and creating a safer city where the rule of law is ensured for all citizens of Bangalore.