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| Last Updated:: 07/01/2015

Career Option for Students

'Make Science an Attractive Career Option for Students'

Indian Express by ENS-Bangaluru, 6th January 2015

Vice-President Hamid Ansari, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) Chairman C N R Rao and Governor Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala at the silver jubilee celebration of JNCASR in Jakkur near Bengaluru on Monday | NAGESH POLALI


Bengaluru: Vice-president Hamid Ansari on Monday said science should be made an attractive career option for students and the government should encourage research in basic sciences. He was speaking at the valedictory ceremony of the silver jubilee of the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advance Scientific Research (JNCASR).


Chief Minister Siddaramaiah released a book on the memoirs of JNCASR on the occasion. He said, “It is a great delight to be a part of the moment when JNCASR has completed 25 years of excellence mainly because of  (its Chairman) Prof C N R Rao.”


He also said, “The Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology has been actively engaged in areas of energy, ecology and environment, waste management, health, agriculture etc with solutions from experts. Nanotechnology is another area of work which will transform the State, the nation and humanity.”


Governor Rudabhai Vala thanked the people of the State for their support to JNCASR. He said, “The kind of intelligence that India has does not belong to any other country. The Mangalyan Mission and other landmarks of science in India are praiseworthy.”


Prof Rao spoke on the history and birth of JNCASR. He exhorted students and scientists by saying, “Pick areas of high demand in science where the future is assured. By this I do not mean an ordinary future, for science is a lonely path. We have to be the best in the world and make path-breaking discoveries. We have to compete with the giants of science”


Scientist Vijay Raghavan said, “I am the temporary secretary of Department of Science and Technology  (DST) and am lucky to be here. If the function were to be held a few days later, Prof Ashutosh Sharma would have been here. I have seen JNC grow and transform both physically and intellectually.”


The vice-president quoted from the Prime Minister’s Scientific Advisory Council Report and said, “The results of basic research are prerequisites for many future technological advances and societal benefits.” Prof Rao, Dr P Rama Rao, chairman of the council of JNCASR, Prof K Vijay Raghavan, secretary of the Department of Biotechnology and In-charge secretary of Department of Science and Technology and others were among those present.


Vice-prez’s call  to the people

@  Increase India’s contribution to global scientific literature to the desired levels.

@  Increase ownership of patents.

@  Make science research attractive career options to the youth.

@  Impart global quality scientific and engineering education to our students.

@  Create an environment which encourages free thinking in research.

@  Ensure that some educational institutions are ranked amongst the top fifty in the world