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| Last Updated::13/06/2018

Major Activity


Environment Protection Day

The Karnataka ENVIS centre along with the host institute celebrated Environmental Protection Day on 25.11.2017 at Environmental Management & Policy Research Institute as per the orders of Karnataka Government order. The programme was held under the Chairmanship of Director, EMPRI. On the occasion of this programme students from Dayananda Kannada High School which is an Eco-club school were invited. Essay Competition as well as Quiz Competition was conducted for the School Children. Books and 23 Environmental Days Brochure was distributed for the prize winners. 

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National Identity Week-Pledge was taken by EMPRI Staff and school students

I solemnly pledge to protect and strengthen the Freedom and Unity of our state, I hereby promise that I would provide a selfless service.”

“I promise that I would never ever involve in violence, and will not be in favour of any caste,language nor place. Also I promise that I will continuosly try and solve any misundertstandings pertaining to politics or financial crisis in a peaceful way